UK PM insists EU deal is ‘there to be done’

Talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union are set to resume this week. Both sides will try to reach agreement ahead of the deadline with British PM Boris Johnson insisting that a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU is “there to be done”.

Johnson also said that he has always been a great enthusiast for a trade deal with the European Union.

Both sides have been struggling to reach an agreement on at least two main points with Sky News reporting that a deal would need to be agreed by mid-November to allow time for ratification.

The main obstacles to a deal are guarantees on fair competition, especially over state aid rules; and fisheries, a symbolic sector for Brexit supporters.

Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator for the EU and David Frost, the chief negotiator for the UK will resume talks this week, in London.

Another source of conflict between the two sides is Johnson’s determination to press ahead with the controversial Internal Market bill, despite warnings from US president-elect Joe Biden.

It is being reported that the Internal Market Bill, due to be voted on this week, would override clauses in the Withdrawal Agreement which relate to Northern Ireland.