Updated: 344 MPs reject the third Brexit vote on the withdrawal agreement

Sky News

MPs have rejected the third Brexit withdrawal agreement by 344 votes to 286 in favour.

The Prime Minister has responded by saying that it with ‘profound regret’ that Members of the Parliament have now

She has warned that now it means that it is ‘almost certain’ that the UK may have to take part in the European elections coming in May.

‘I fear we are reaching the limits of the process in this House’, she said. An MP responded, ‘you are’

The Labour leader has responded to the Prime Minister by saying that the situation shows that the House does not support the deal.

He said that an alternative to the current deal must be found if not, she must resign.

UK MPs begin voting on Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

UK MPs have begun voting for the third time on the deal which will see the UK leave the European Union.

MPs are voting on the first of the Brexit deal which includes only the arrangements for the withdrawal and not the political declaration which would see a future relationship with the EU.

Before the vote, the Prime Minister implored MPs to support the WA, saying that approving the deal avoids the possibility of the UK exiting the EU in a difficult situation in two weeks and also an extension which says would ‘destroy Brexit’.

‘This is the last opportunity to guarantee Brexit’ May says, adding that, ‘voting for the withdrawal agreement we can send a message to public and EU that Britain stands by its word.’