UK doubting Brexit, YouGov data shows

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

According to statistics published by YouGov, 49% of Britons feel that the decision for Brexit was a wrong one. Almost the same amount feel that the decision should not be taken by Westminster but by a public vote. The data was taken over the past week and statistics are published daily on

The toggle for the support for Brexit happened some time around May-June 2017. Now, the support for Brexit is the least it has ever been with 49% thinking Brexit is wrong ad 40% thinking it is right. This change of mood is also reflected in the reaction which the respondents of the continuous YouGov surveys had on who should be the ultimate decision makers. Not only were 47% in favour of taking the vote out of the hands of the MPs. A whopping 52% feel that should the decision be for a No-Deal Brexit, this should also be decided by referendum. A new referendum was the instrument of choice for 40% of the respondents when asked on how this political conundrum was to be solved. 35% felt that the way out was for an election while a quarter of respondents remained baffled, answering ‘Don’t know’