UK departure deal from EU now ‘touch and go’- Johnson

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits the Fusion Energy Research Centre at the Fulham Science Centre in Oxfordshire, Britain August 8, 2019. Julian Simmonds

‘Touch and go,’ that’s how the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had described the latest projections on the UK leaving the European Union with a deal.

Speaking to the BBC during his appearance at the G7 Summit in France, Johnson said that it, ‘all depends on our EU friends and partners’

The comment marks a slight change from his earlier statement that Brexit without a deal would’ve been, ‘a million to one’

‘I think it’s going to be touch and go. But the important thing is to get ready to come out without a deal,’ Johnson added.

‘I think the chances of a deal are improving. But there’s got to be a great deal of realism on the part of our friend that the Withdrawal Agreement is dead, the text that Parliament rejected three times cannot now be made to go through. People think what’s this all about?’

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Johnson’s comments come after promoting that a No-Deal Brexit had been a greater possibility for the UK.

Food Shortages

When asked by the UK Independent about the problem of medicine and food shortages following the departure on October 31st, Johnson said,

‘What can I tell people and as I said a few weeks ago on the steps of Downing Street, I think we can get through this, this a great, great country the UK, we can easily cope with a No-deal scenario. And I know that’s what people want.’

‘Frankly I think it’s highly unlikely that there will be food shortages of any kind,’ he added.

Withholding some of divorce bill

The UK Prime Minister has also threatened that the UK would withhold a proportion of the £39 billion settlement or divorce bill, stating that if there is a No-Deal Brexit, that sum is ‘no longer strictly speaking owed.’

This money could be used on UK spending priorities, he explained.

Earlier this week, Johnson met with his counterparts in France and Germany, French President Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.

Merkel told press that Germany did not want to the UK leave without a negotiated withdrawal but is preparing for the UK leaving with no deal. Johnson warned that the current deal is not acceptable believing that it would either lock the UK into EU law or risk dividing the UK.

The UK is set to leave the EU on October 31st.