UĦM urged to lift industrial action against Aġenzija Sapport

The Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability & Active Ageing has urged the Union Ħaddiema Magħudin (UĦM) to lift their directive at Aġenzija Sapport. Government said that 480 disabled persons are getting the short end of the stick to accommodate 12 employees.

According to Government, the Aġenzija Sapport employees have already received a raise on their basic wages and allowances and are asking the UĦM to come together to finally reach a consensus on a collective agreement. Government said that the UĦM had refused a proposal for a compromise. The Secretariat  also called the industrial actions as “exaggerated and excessive” and is admonishing the union for using the well-being of persons with disability a pawn in an industrial action.