UĦM orders directives at Gozo General Hospital


The UĦM – Voice of the Workers has issued a set of directives for its members working within the emergency department at the Gozo General Hospital. The Union has issued the directives as it is stating that the system currently in place for ambulances at the Gozo General Hospital had to be addressed and changed back in 2013.

A union spokesperson told Newsbook.com.mt that the Gozo emergency hospital is still applying an old system when it needs to deploy an ambulance and a medical team. The spokesperson explained that while in Malta an ambulance is deployed with at least two Emergency Assistant Respondents (EARs) this does not happen in Gozo.

The UĦM – Voice of the Workers explained that in Gozo in case of an emergency a nursing aid does the job of two EARs. The Union explained that nursing aids would be more useful to assist in wards rather than replacing EARs in emergencies.

The Union stated that it does not tolerate this situation and that it had been warning the relevant authorities and the hospital’s management for the past six months to address this situation.