UĦM insists on paid quarantine leave

Miguela Xuereb

The UĦM Voice of the Workers is insisting there should be paid quarantine leave for workers who test positive for Covid-19, expressing disappointment at the absence of a clear procedure issued by the government.

The union said that it had received various complaints from workers who have tested positive for Covid-19, who were being informed that the time spent on quarantine would be deducted from their sick leave allocation. It said that in a number of cases, these included asymptomatic workers who were continuing to work from home.

It said that since they were being ordered to go on quarantine, on pain of a €10,000 fine, paid quarantine leave would be appropriate.

The union also reiterated that it was important to have a representative working group involving the government, the health authorities and social partners, and said that it expected the matter to be discussed when the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development meets on Monday.