UĦM condemns vicious attack on bus driver

UĦM Voice of the Workers has said that it fully condemns the vicious attack committed against a bus driver of Malta Public Transport last Tuesday.

In a statement, the Union described how the Pakistani driver, who is a member of the same union, was driving a bus heading towards Dingli. After passing by the bus stop next to the Villa Rumana in Rabat, the bus driver withheld the stop button being pressed. The Maltese passenger shouted at the driver to stop, but since he had already passed the bus stop, he explained that he would let the passenger off at the next stop.

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The Union continued to explain it was then that the passenger approached the driver where he allegedly insulted him in Maltese. As the passenger was getting off the bus, he allegedly spat at the driver’s face and kicked the side of the bus.  The driver then pulled over and exited the bus to see what was happening.

According to the statement, the passenger continued to shout at the driver, and then continued by punching, kicking and even biting the driver. In the meantime, another Maltese passenger who was on the same bus exited the bus and tried to intervene and stop the fight, while another driver also pulled over to help the bus driver. The perpetrator fled from the scene.

UĦM concluded by stating that this is a serious incident and insisted that violence towards workers should not be tolerated. While showing solidarity to the worker, the Union appealed to the authorities to treat the case with seriousness and see that the appropriate actions are taken as soon as possible.