UAE will pass information on 17 Black soon

The United Arab Emirates is ready to cooperate with the Maltese police to provide information on Yorgen Fenech’s secret company 17 Black, the Times of Malta is reporting.

Mohamed Abushahab, the Emirates ambassador to the European Union was quoted as saying that the authorities of his country are in direct contact with their Maltese counterparts on this matter.

He said that a request for information arrived late in the summer, and that the Ministry of Justice in his country is collecting the relevant information. The first part of this information should be passed to Maltese authorities soon.

17 Black was registered in Agman, one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

Emails published as a result of the Panama Papers investigation, show that 17 Black was going to hand over funds to the secret companies of former Minister Konrad Mizzi and former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri as their “client”.

Another company registered in the United Arab Emirates – Macbridge – was also mentioned but its owner has not yet been identified, and no reference to Macbridge has been made in the Times report.

‘Even after 37 months from Daphne’s murder, we will not rest until we see that it leads to justice.’ – David Casa, MEP

‘A year ago at 6pm the first protest by civil society was held, following the news that Keith Schembri had dropped the libel he opened himself against Simon Busuttil to avoid answering on 17 Black’ declared MEP David Casa.

In his social media post, MEP Casa, explained how the said protests had a ripple effect that led to the collapse of Joseph Muscat’s government.

Bħal llum sena għall-ħabta tas-6pm kienet issejħet l-ewwel protesta mis-soċjetà ċivili, wara l-aħbar li Keith Schembri…

Posted by David Casa on Monday, November 16, 2020

‘Few thought that protest at the time would lead to the earthquake we saw afterwards. In a few days the arrests began, the resignations began and finally on the 1st of December in a protest of thousands of Maltese and Gozitans the Government of Joseph Muscat collapsed.’