Watch: Two women and a child left to die by Libyan Coastguard

Video by Proactiva Open Arms.

Proactiva Open Arms Founder Oscar Camps said that a woman and a child were found dead whilst another woman was found alive. The NGO’s boat this morning intercepted a rubber boat off the coast from Libya. In the disturbing photos published by Camps on Twitter which show the child and the woman floating over the debris, Camps said that a woman was saved however they could do nothing to the other two who probably lost their lives a few hours before.

Camps said that the Libyan Coastguard had intercepted a boat with 158 people on board and had helped with medical and humanitarian assistance. According to Camps, what the Libyan Coastguard failed to mention was that two women and a child refused to board the Libyan patrol boats and were left on the boat which was sunk.

Annalisa Camilli, an Internazionale journalist, tweeted that around 7.30 on Tuesday morning the vessel owned by the non-governmental organisation Open Arms found the debris of a boat 80 miles off of the Libyan coast with two death and a woman who survived but is suffering from hypothermia.

Three vessels from non-governmental organisations involved in search and rescue are currently impounded in Malta. While the vessel from Mission Lifeline is part of an on-going case against the vessel’s captain, SeaWatch Vessel 3 and Seefuchs, from SeaWatch and Sea-Eye respectively are being kept here for further investigation. However Transport Malta failed to specify the regulations breached by the latter two when asked by