Two sites recommended for public domain status

Two sites, one known as l-Għadira s-Safra, limits of Naxxar, and the other forming part of a large area known as tal-Għeriexem and il-Marġ, limits of Rabat of Rabat, Malta have been recommended by the Planning Authority to be declared as ‘public domain’.

The two sites have been shortlisted from the sites proposed between 2017 and 2019 following a review in accordance to the provisions as laid out in the Civil Code. Wied Għomor and Wied il-Kbir in San Ġwann, the Plague Cemetery in Bormla, the inland and coastal area from Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq to Pembroke; tal-Għeriexem and il-Marġ, limits of Rabat, l-Għadira s-Safra; and a site in Bulebel.

Four sites were proposed for consideration in the 2018 annual report, while two sites were proposed in the 2019 annual report.

According to the documents publicly available for consultation, the data from the Lands Authority showed that Wied Għomor and Wied il-Kbir has around 27% of the land area under government ownership while most of the area belongs to third parties. The inland and coastal from Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq to Pembroke has less than 50% of its area under government ownership. The two sites were dropped from the list following the advice the Planning Authority had received from the Office of the Attorney General.

Another site which was put forward was the Plague Cemetery in Bormla. The site is not government owned and therefore cannot be subject to being declared as public domain.

L-Għadira s-Safra on the other hand is all government-owned without any third-party interest.

The two sites proposed in 2019 annual report were a site at Bulebel and a site at Ta’ l-Għeriexem and il-Marġ in Rabat. According to the data gathered, the site at Bulebel is almost all under government ownership, however the entire area is subject to third party interest. The Office of the Attorney General advised the Planning Authority not to consider the site further.

The second site at Rabat, the data indicates that less than 6% of the site is under government ownership. However the third party interest in this portion of land is associated with Heritage Malta’s operations and incorporates the Domus Romana and the Saracene Cemetery. The site is being considered to be declared as public domain.

The public consultation on both sites is open until 30 March 2020. During this exercise proposals for new sites will not be considered. Those interested may send their feedback either in writing or via email on