Updated: Two San Anton swans in bad shape; Animal Welfare inspection “on the way”

Updated 12:49 PM
Alison Bezzina / Facebook

Update 2: The main pond is being refilled with water. The white swan should have been seen to by a vet and is currently in a caged enclosure.

At the moment the baby ducklings that yesterday were left in an empty pond, are nowhere to be seen, but they might have been temporarily moved until the pond refills completely.

The ducklings yesterday

On another post it is being reported that the white swan is suffering from a callus due to the conditions it was in prior to arriving at San Anton (this is not official, no word from the Environmental Landscapes Consortium or Animal Welfare as yet, according to Bezzina). Both black swans seem back to normal.

Update: According to animal welfare activist Alison Bezzina an official report has not been disseminated yet; however as of Tuesday, the main pond has been drained of water and only one white swan can be seen. The black swans seem fine, she said. Bezzina also expressed the hope that the ducklings would “not be dead by the morning”.

In her Facebook page ‘I Will Not Go Away’, animal welfare activist Alison Bezzina wrote that she received several reports claiming that two of the swans at San Anton Gardens are in bad shape.

“From the photos sent to me, it seemed that one of the white swans has an injured leg. I was also told that one of the black swans looks poorly,” she wrote. 

Alison Bezzina / Facebook

After she went on site to check for herself this morning, Bezzina said that unfortunately the reports proved to be correct and the testimonies genuine.

“I’ve now filed a report with AW (Animal Welfare) and I’ve been assured by the Director himself that an inspection is on its way. Let’s hope that last month’s fiasco that resulted in two dead swans, does not repeat itself,” she stated.