Two prominent Chinese Tai Chi Instructors in Malta later this month

Between Monday 15th April and Sunday 26th April, the China Cultural Centre in Malta in collaboration with the Malta Martial Arts Association, the Network of International Cultural Entities, the Ministry for Culture and Tourism of China, Wang Zhanjun Tai Chi School, and P.R. China will be hosting two prominent Chinese Tai Chi Instructors in Malta.

Tai Chi is gaining encouraging popularity. Master Classes are aimed for individuals practising Tai Chi on a professional level and also classes can be of interest  to mature people, helping them to gain co-ordination and balance, thus enhancing their quality of life.

The two instructors are Ye Xuan and Ye Feng. Ye Xuan, instructor of Chen – style Taichi – was born in Taixing, Jiangsu and has practised Tai Chi since 1995. He has been awarded several prestigious awards, both on a national and international level. Ye Feng, who was also born in the Jiangsu Province of Taixing, started practising Tai Chi from a very early age and has also been awarded several prizes for various initiatives, amongst which the coveted award ‘Excellent Promoter of Tai Chi in Wang Zhanjun’.

For more information please visit their website.

Should one wish to attend any of these classes, which will be held in different venues around Malta, one may contact Adrian Axisa, President of the Malta Martial Arts Association, on 99256363 or Sonia Young on 99442935.