Two police officers shot in protests in Kentucky after controversial decision by court

ScreenShot - Video Footage via Twitter

Two police officers are the latest victims in of a shooting which took place in Kentucky in the US, in reaction to the fact that no officers were charged with offences directly linked to the killing of Breonna Taylor in March. 

Protests have erupted, through the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta and Philadelphia hours after a Kentucky grand jury brought no charges against Louisville police for Breonna Taylor’s death.

Agencies reports that protesters have been marching in Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city, with some arrested after scuffles broke out with officers.

Police chief Robert Schroeder said the officers were hit after deploying to the centre of the city following reports of shots being fired.

The US President, in a tweet, said that the Federal Government was ready to act and work with the Governor to deal with the situation.