Protest takes place at Ħal Safi detention centre


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A new protest involving asylum seekers at the Ħal Safi detention centre, broke out overnight, reports suggest.

The incident was confirmed to by the Armed Forces of Malta and the Police. The Police spokesperson confirmed that a group of migrants had started a protest inside the centre. The situation appears to have been larger than previous incidents, with members of Police Force at the scene throughout the night.

The AFM spokesperson told that soldiers had been ready and on standby should the situation have escalated.

Local media reports say that the immigrants had taken control of part of the centre for a period of time. They were also reported to have stolen a number of cans of pepper spray and damaged some equipment.

This protest comes after several previous attempts by the inmates, calling for their freedom.

Migrants in Safi Detention Centre protest for their freedom

The first of these incidents happened on 3rd September, involving more than 100 people. The exact number has not been confirmed.