Two MOUs signed between Malta and Libya

Two Memorandum of Understandings, MOUs, were signed during a bilateral meeting between a Maltese delegation led by Transport Minister Ian Borg and a Libyan delegation. During the meeting, the maritime and aviation sectors were discussed.

The first MOU signed concerns cooperation in the maritime and aviation sectors. The Transport Ministry said that this agreement will lead to cooperation between the two countries, even on a technical level, with regards to aspects like port administration, aviation and maritime safety, accident investigation in these sectors, training, and cooperation in international fora.

The agreement also considers the possibility of revising bilateral aviation agreements in accordance with the latest requirements, as well as the possibility of passenger connectivity between the two countries, the registration of Libyan aircraft on the Maltese registry and cooperation of knowledge about best practices between Malta and Libya.

The second MOU is about an action plan for the prevention of marine pollution. Through this agreement, Malta and Libya will have the opportunity to establish a platform where knowledge and information may be shared about several aspects related to this subject, as well as more collaboration for more effective and efficient action in the case of an accident of this kind.

The second MOU also includes the possibility of joint projects, training opportunities and other forms of collaboration.