Two more associations call for the cancellation of mass events

The Association of Physicians(AoP) and the Association for Consumer Rights(ACR) have added their voices to the chorus of organizations calling for a cessation of mass events.

The AoP said that the recent increase in the COVID-19 cases ‘is undoubtedly attributable to the irresponsible holding of certain mass events where social distancing cannot be practised. The greed of a few has put the nation’s health at risk. This state of affairs is threatening to nullify the immense sacrifices made by the health care professionals and indeed the whole nation is trying to minimize the ill-effects of the pandemic”. It said that it supports the MAM’s call to ban mass events.

The ACR too urged the authorities to stop mass events from taking place in Malta for the time being. “It must be also kept in mind, that another Covdi-19 wave would risk the closure of Malta’s local businesses and the airports once again, with dire consequences on the economy and employment. Moreover, the Association is gravely concerned about the serious health risks being posed to public health by the authorities’ decision to permit mass gatherings and events.”