“TVM news report on Azzopardi was unfaithful” – Broadcasting Authority

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Broadcasting Authority has sided with Jason Azzopardi that a TVM news report was unfaithful.

Azzopardi filed a complaint against state broadcaster TVM regarding a false allegation that he had been reprimanded by the Court in a decree. He stated that this was not just, as he was not reprimanded by the Court, and furthermore that the report was incorrect, since emphasis was placed on peripheral elements not covered by the scope of the decree. He was referring to a report published on the 23rd of November, and subsequently broadcasted on the 8pm news.

He added that upon complaining to TVM, the online report was amended but that this amendment was not reflected in the 8pm news, noting that the amendment itself is an admission of fault.

Norma Saliba, head of news at PBS, confirmed that TVM had amended the word and that the correction was reflected in the 11pm broadcast. She added that the title was left so for the 8pm broadcast since there’s a limitation on amount of characters.

The Authority agreed with Azzopardi that the reporting was unfaithful and that the journalist in question had misinterpreted the legal concept of “kawtela” as a warning. However, the Authority stated that this declaration in itself is a sufficient remedy, and reprimanded PBS. It requested that the newsroom pay close attention to its reporting, to maintain truthfulness.

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Posted by Jason Azzopardi on Tuesday, January 5, 2021