Turning radiation into treatment; researchers meet in Malta

Discussions over the various medical applications of electromagnetic radiation, are being held at a special event at the University of Malta.

COST MyWAVE is a European networking project currently led Dr Lourdes Farrugia from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and  Dr Emily Porter of thee National University of Ireland.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, held at the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) pro-rector for Malta University, Professor Tanya Sammut-Bonnici, told the audience of the importance of COST MyWAVE.

She said, ‘This network aims at advancing these technologies by taking current prototypes from the laboratory closer to the patient bedside, with better treatment monitoring and planning, and also develop novel medical devices based on electromagnetic hyperthermia.’

For a number of years, researched have explored electromagnetic radiation for his risks to health, but in the last decade, its reputation has been rehabilitated through its possible uses in treatment and diagnosis.