Tuesday has now become the new Friday!

In a need for a mid-week break? All you need is some good food and a midnight refresher. Here is how your Tuesdays can look like from now on.

Start around 7 at La Tavola – the open air restaurant behind Palazzo Capua and The Palace Hotel Sliema. It just opened again for the summer. The new Italian chef there prepared a real feast of a menu full of tasty Mediterranean dishes.

There are several promotions that you can take advantage of but there is one in particular that will get you going – free flowing soft drinks, beer or wine accompanied by pizza or pasta. With your belly full and your mind still good enough to walk to the top floor of The Palace Hotel – one should definitely aim for a late night swim at the infinity pool. Just sit and unwind. If you’re lucky you might also have a front row seat view to some fireworks as the season of festas are embarking on us.

For more info get in touch with a Tavola and The Palace Hotel Sliema.