Trionfi House to be transformed into a diocesan center

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Trionfi House in Victoria will be transformed into a diocesan center to cater for those who find themselves in poverty, Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech said in his pastoral letter which was read out on the occassion of the feast of the Assumption of Mary and the Conclusion of the Marian Year.

Mgr Grech also spoke about the plans to convert Trionfi House into a diocesan center for Caritas when he was interviewed on 103fm by Fr Joe Borg.

Bishop Grech explained that Trionfi House which was utilized as a private hospital was left by the Dominican Sisters to the Gozitan diocese. He added that as a bishop he felt that the house should be restructured to provide services for those in need.

Elaborating on the services, Bishop Grech said that the plan is to offer the services of a social worker, psychologists, legal services and medical services. He added at this stage, architects are still carrying out the necessary studies to see how the house can be transformed into a house of charity.

Speaking about poverty, the Bishop said that some individuals find themselves in poverty not only because they do not have sufficient means but lack the knowledge to confront the situation they are in and do not know how to administer their funds. Mgr Grech hopes that with the various experts in different fields, the services that will be on offer will help society.

“The Gospel brings us joy”

Mgr Grech stated that the Gospel brings us joy. He explained that this joy is not dependent on what we own but rather on the relations individuals build among themselves. The Bishop of Gozo added that true happiness is when one meets a person that accepts them and loves them as they are, adding that in such relationships there are no expectations.

“We need to move forward and away from rituals”

Bishop Grech said that one has to take a step forward in their beliefs. He explained that one’s relationship with Jesus Christ is more important than senseless rituals.

Mgr Grech maintained that the Church’s mission is to make the person happy. He said that he would worry when someone says that they are “fulfilled”, adding that something is always lacking.