Daphne’s banner back despite removal orders from Minister Bonnici

Independent journalist and blogger Manuel Delia recovered the banner which was affixed to the hoarding surrounding the Great Siege Monument.

The banner, featuring assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and the word “justice”, the candles and flowers were removed during the night on Monday. It emerged that these were removed yet again by the Public Cleansing Department as an official document by the Police shows.

The items were handed back by Cleansing Department employees to Delia on behalf of the Director of the Cleansing Department Ramon Deguara. On Saturday, it emerged that employees from the Cleansing Department were instructed to remove everything urging a Newsbook.com.mt journalist to contact the Culture Ministry with questions.

Delia filed a police report at around noon on Tuesday claiming that the banner, flowers and candles had been taken away. This was the second time that the banner is known to have been removed by Government employees in a space of a few days.The activist has since then placed the banner back in place.

The official document from the Police states that three large boxes containing candles, two boxes containing flowers and one box containing a damaged banner were returned to Manuel Delia.

On Saturday, Delia took to the court to file a temporary injunction against Culture Minister Owen Bonnici to prevent the removal of Daphne’s memorial. However, the court rejected the urgent plea to protect the memorial.

On Monday renowned Italian journalist Roberto Saviano commented on the matter commending activists from Occupy Justice. On Sunday anti-corruption activists gathered at the memorial, after holding ground for over 24 hours guarding the memorial. That same day, Delia had declared that the square was the frontline for the battle for freedom, referring to the events on Saturday.

Read the official document.