Trees in Xlendi moved to make way for more parking

MGOZ - Terry Camilleri

A number of trees are going to be moved to make way for a regeneration of the current Xlendi car park in order to make it larger. This according to Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana while discussing plans for the Xlendi zone earlier today.

Mizzi said that this work will increase 60 parking spots, adding that there are discussions between the Gozo Ministry, Foundation for Touristic Zones, and the Malta Tourism authority regarding the regeneration and the refilling of Xlendi bay with sand.

On the other hand, Caruana said that the regeneration of the car park is part of the master plan for the touristic area. she also said that the regeneration project started with the rebuilding of the pier with a €750,000 investment. There will also be a regeneration of boat remittances in the area which a large number of fishermen use.

“People in wheelchairs cannot enjoy Xlendi”

Meanwhile, the Malta Federation for Organisations Persons with Disability in a statement said that the extension on the bay of restaurants in Xlendi have rendered it impossible for people with a lack of mobility to even dream of going near the locality, let alone enjoying time along the coast.

The Federation appealed to authorities to not forget to include better mobility in their master plan. They insisted that disabilities should not remove the possibility of people to enjoy the beauty of nature, let alone the right to enjoy visits to the beach in bays which are “public heritage”.