Travel should be conditional on certificate to control COVID-19 spread – CSN

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Civil Society Network, CSN, is proposing that in light of the biggest increase in cases in Malta, visitors who pass through Malta’s airport would be required to produce a certificate indicating a recent negative swab test.

In a statement, CSN explained that Persons who fail to produce evidence of a recent swab test should be made to take one as a matter of urgency and remain in mandatory quarantine until a result can be provided.

CSN said that this proposal is being made after the shocking spread of COVID-19 in Malta in these past weeks.

“Because of the number of sporadic cases that emerged from swab tests, there is the need for some form of control that is more robust than the inadequate measures propagated by Prime Minister Robert Abela, as a result of which Malta has seen the biggest increase in cases since the start of the fight against the disease,” said CSN.

It was further explained how this is an unprecedented situation with the measures taken initially, which were instigated by the Superintendent of Public Health, are now overruled, while in just a few days, cases have skyrocketed to levels seen at the worst of the first wave.

CSN said it hopes that the Government starts to listen to its medical experts so that public health finds itself as a top priority once more.

While daily testing should continue to increase, there should be more measures to limit the spread, including the rule and its enforcement to prevent groups of larger than 8 from getting together, thus limiting the possibility of clusters, the Civil Society Network suggested.

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