Transport Malta insists that fast ferry service call does not infringe EU laws

Transport Malta has insisted that the request for proposals to create a scheduled ferry service in both Malta and Gozo respects all European laws.

In a statement on Monday, Transport Malta said that it submitted its reply before the Public Contracts Review Board, after one of the bidders raised an objection in the pre-contractual stage.

The transport authority said that the company in question did not make use of the timeframes stipulated by law as the period during which any clarifications may be requested.

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Instead the authority accused the company of attempting to request the call without having ever requested clarification on the points which were raised at this stage and which could have easily been explained prior.

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Transport Malta said that the project imposed the use of eco-vessels with minimal carbon dioxide emissions. it added that the project would set a future path for public transport as it would adhere to the environmental goals imposed by the government.

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It said that the project is part of a holistic plan to mitigate the issue of traffic where sea and land public transport would be available for commuters.