Transport Malta donates electric van to the Office of the President and MCCFF

Photo by DOI: Reuben Piscopo

Transport Malta has donated an electric van to the Office of the President and the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF).

President Vella praised the donation and said that the van will not only be used to transport persons with a disability but also it is a vehicle that will not pollute the environment as it an electric car.

He expressed the intention that the vehicle will be used not just for Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation patients, as the van can also be lent to other non-government organisations for transportation purposes.

Transport Minister Ian Borg who was also present for the event, said that social contribution is a priority for the government and its entities. He also said that the government is carrying out a lot of work towards a change in transport culture and made reference to the launch of a €3.5 million investment in grants a few weeks ago, with €1.6 million among these dedicated to electromobility.

Minister Borg said that these grants are also available to registered NGOs. The exemption from registration tax and road licence for the first five years still applies.