Transport Malta brings on new agency to check mileage meters on UK car imports

Transport Malta has green-lit the operation of a UK company specialised in certifying the mileage on UK vehicles imported to Malta.

CAP HPI UK Ltd is understood to produce the Odometer Certification for vehicles coming from the UK, will be working alongside JEVIC (for Japanese and Malaysian imports), with accurately checking and certifying the mileage registered on those entering Malta.

The odometer is a piece of technology placed within vehicles which registers the distance travelled by a vehicle.

It will be the job of the UK agency to check and certify the accuracy of the mileage on the vehicles prior to them being exported to Malta. The Certification is understood to be one of the crucial checks needed on the import of vehicles to the European Union member states.  TM says that the charge for the mileage verification is €30, which paid directly to CAP HPI UK Ltd.

According to Transport Malta,  vehicles with the classification (N1), Goods conveying vehicles not more than 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight (unladen weight plus cargo) and (M1) Passenger vehicles carrying not more than 8 passengers are required to be inspected.

Following inspection, they will be issued with a Certificate of Inspection.