“Traffic problems cannot dictate how we use agricultural land” – MEP Alfred Sant

Alfred Sant art agrikola

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Maltese MEP, Alfred Sant stated that traffic problems cannot continue to dictate how we make use of agricultural land. He stated this on Monday in a post on Facebook, as a reaction to the proposed flyover in Imrieħel which will replace the pedestrian footbridge inaugurated two years ago.

Jekk veru dak li qed jintqal u Infrastructure Malta tinsab għaddejja bi pjani biex twessa u tifrex il-byepass…

Posted by Alfred Sant on Sunday, December 20, 2020

On Saturday, the NGO Moviment Graffitti together with Qormi farmers and residents organized a protest against the project which will be carried out by Infrastructure Malta.

In his post, MEP Alfred Sant said that if it is true that the project will take up over 20 tumoli of agricultural land, then the protests are justified.

Sant also said that Infrastructure Malta needs to be more transparent and accountable for projects that fall under its responsibility.

Moviment Graffitti argued that the proposed road in an ODZ area, for which plans are currently unavailable on the PA’s map server, will cut through agricultural land which is larger than three football pitches. It will also mean the end of one of the last green lungs in Qormi, which is already suffering from traffic-induced pollution and is reducing the air quality.

Graffitti also said that the flyover will destroy a huge water reservoir and uproot several protected olive and pomegranate trees, some of which date hundreds of years.

The government agency, Infrastructure Malta, said that the project will eliminate a dangerous blind corner that resulted in serious accidents in the past. The agency also said that the project is still in initial stages and it was misguiding that during the press conference on Saturday it was declared that the project is being kept in secret.

Former Maltese President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has also joined many others in criticizing Infrastructure Malta’s project to build a flyover in the Imrieħel Bypass.