Tradition vs Cruelty: varied opinions on Gozo street horse racing

Facebook/Soċjetà Filarmonika La Stella

Recently the court did not approve of the street horse racing in Gozo, however many were those who took it to Facebook to voice their opinion. Many cited “tradition” while others cited “cruelty”.

The comment was made during the court hearing by Magistrate Joseph Mifsud; during which the charges against a man were dropped due to the lack of evidence.

Some people disagreed with the court’s opinion, citing tradition and hobbies and blaming the victim for crossing the road while the races were taking place. While others that favoured the races said that adequate health and safety practices should be in place to reflect the situation today.

Others condemned the tradition and described it as a “disgusting sport” which takes place in the heat. Many were the commentators that cited animal cruelty and that such races have no place on the streets. A number of people said that this was “about time” given the number of people that get injured.

One even called for more investment in the horse racing track which already exists on the way to Nadur.

The next horse race in this street is scheduled for the 15th of August for the Santa Maria feast.