Townsquare project development set to continue


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The development of the Townsquare project is set to continue in the coming days after the Planning Authority approved its newly revised plans.

Townsquare submitted new plans to the PA after a decision of the Appeals Tribunal which ordered revisions to be made to the 2016 plans. The company was asked to reduce 37 meters, approximately 11 storeys from the original plans due to the structure’s visual impact.

Speaking on behalf of a number of entities in 2018, Perit Tara Cassar said that had they not appealed against the decision the PA would have approved an illegal decision.

It was reported that modern equipment would be used for the site’s development. This equipment, recently used next to the University of Malta, doesn’t generate lots of noise and dust.

As part of the revised project, Townsquare must now submit an application for a hotel according to the policies of tourist establishments. This will be built on the site previously earmarked for the construction of offices.

Townsquare should also start restoring Villa Drago and its surrounding graden.