Tourism Minister says that Selmun will be used for films

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi told the House that Selmun Palace and the surrounding open spaces will be used as film locations for international film production. He also confirmed that the Palace and surrounding areas will be used for touristic purposes.

Opposition MP and PN Whip Robert Cutajar asked the Minister at which stage is the sale of Selmun Palace.

The Palace was built by Monte di Pietà in the 18th Century. A hotel known as Selmun Palace Hotel was built close to the villa, and it was owned by Selmun Palace Hotel Company Ltd, a subsidiary of Air Malta. The hotel was closed in 2011 as part of Air Malta’s restructuring procedures.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna had announced in Parliament that the Palace and the hotel are on sale. Minister Scicluna had explained that a technical evaluation was commissioned to assess the structural state of the building.