Touring Filfla

Is it true that there used to be a chapel on Filfla? Why did the island attract pirates?

Following the enthusiastic response for the first tour to Filfla, Heritage Malta is inviting the public to join Senior Curator John J Borg on Saturday 25th July, on an intriguing tour around Filfla during which he will reveal several interesting anecdotes about the history and wildlife of this island.

How did this island form? Where did it get its name from? Is it true that there was a chapel on Filfla? Why did the island attract pirates? How did it end up as a bombing target during the British Period? Which species live on Filfla nowadays? Why has the island been turned into a nature reserve?

Participants will enjoy a boat ride while listening to these stories. The boat will leave from Sliema and head to Filfla. There will be no disembarkation on the island and no swimming will take place around Filfla. On its way back, the boat will stop for a short time for those who would like to swim, and then return to Sliema.

Those attending are required to bring food and drinks with them. A bar will be available on the boat with refreshments only. Participants are recommended to apply sunblock and wear a hat.

Temperature reading will take place and Heritage Malta reserves the right to deny access to anyone with a temperature higher than 37.2 degrees Celsius, or if feeling unwell. Children should be supervised at all times.

The meeting point is the Sliema ferries at 9.15 am. The boat leaves at 10.00 am sharp. The tour ends around 3.00 pm.

The tour may be cancelled in the case of bad weather.

For more details visit the Heritage Malta website or Facebook event page.

This content was supplied by Heritage Malta