Tough times see a spike in creativity

Newsbook is partnering up with local creative agency MPS to communicate eye-catching messages of hope and optimism.

When times get tough, creatives get more creative.

As Malta, and the world at large, continues to lock down in an endeavour to contain the novel coronavirus, creativity continues to shine bright as artists, companies and individuals get inspired to boost the country’s collective morale.

In a bid to help boost another wave of positive messaging during these challenging times, local creative agency MPS has teamed up with its partners across the various media to communicate some eye-catching messages of hope and optimism, conceived by their team of creatives. The bold messaging which can be seen on news portals, bus shelters and billboards, centres around the common theme of encouragement, urging us all to hang on for a little while longer as we all adjust to a new way of living.  

Special thanks go to Active Media, Faces Display, Newsbook, The Malta Independent, Times of Malta and Lovin Malta for the support  given for this community-led initiative.

The public is encouraged to submit their own messages which can be designed into future artworks by emailing

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