Total traffic chaos – Attard Local Council

The Attard Local Council has said that roadworks which, they say, no-one has been made aware of, have caused total chaos as far as traffic is concerned, as well as being dangerous for drivers passing through the locality.

The Local Council complained about the new tarmac works at Triq il-Linja and claimed that that certain inconveniences could have been avoided had they been consulted. The local council is also claiming that they have not been informed how long the works are going to take.

According to the Local Council, the signs that were put up in the streets surrounding Triq il-Linja were incorrect and created chaos when the traffic was deviated. An Attard resident sent a photo to complaining that there is very often stand-still traffic and that the diversion signs are barely visible.

The Local Council has requested Transport Malta to send officials to direct the traffic. has sent a number of questions to Transport Malta regarding this issue.

According to the Attard Residents Environmental Network (AREN), there are high levels of air pollution in Attard as well as appalling traffic congestion.

In a statement issued last Thursday AREN also stated that Transport Malta officials are needed in such cases to direct traffic. AREN has requested Transport Malta to  take immediate action.