Top 10 things to do to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A lot of people may be feeling worried and overwhelmed right now about what exactly they can do to protect them and their families from contracting Covid-19.

Speaking to, The Malta Association of Public Health Medicine suggests the following top ten tips which can help us keep safe:

  1. Social distancing – this is a crucial public health measure to control this outbreak. Try to avoid going to places where you come in touch with other people – such social distancing will help to decrease spread of the virus. Try to minimise trips out of the home as much as possible except to buy necessities, opt for telework if you can, make use of deliveries. When you do go out, opt for options that don’t bring you into contact with others as much as possible, for example, a walk in a quiet area.
  2. When you do have to go places where other people are present, as much as possible keep a distance of at least one metre from others. Avoid contact with sick people and those with respiratory symptoms.
  3. Clean: Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based disinfectant as often as possible especially before eating, after using the toilet, when arriving home, and after touching commonly-touched surfaces (especially in public spaces).
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, especially before washing your hands.
  5. Cover: When sneezing and coughing use a tissue and dispose of it immediately. Do not cough or sneeze into bare hands – if this is unavoidable, wash hands immediately.
  6. Contain: if you are sick (with any illness) STAY AT HOME, even if your symptoms are mild.
  7. If you are in quarantine, respect the quarantine rules.
  8. If you are elderly or vulnerable, stay at home. If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives, don’t visit them. Instead offer them support by taking them groceries or other necessities or helping them to organise deliveries.
  9. Follow guidance from health authorities. Keep up to date and refer to reliable sources of information. Avoid spreading misinformation and ‘fake news’ which only serves to cause panic and create further challenges for healthcare services.
  10. Take care of your mental health as the current situation can provoke anxiety or distress. Be aware that psychological support is available for those who need it via the 111 helpline.

You can find more information on the website and the Covid19 Malta Facebook page which is run by the Malta Association of Public Health Medicine.

You can also check out the Q&A on the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website.

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