Top photographer Rene fears cockroaches, loves sharks

Rene Rossignaud, one of Malta’s top photographers and one of the teams of Kevin’s Road Show, told that he fears cockroaches but loves sharks. He answers the question “Why 103?” with a straightforward answer:  “This is Malta’s heart, so where else?”, adding a smiley to emphasise his point.

Kevin’s Road Show, A Drive with Friends is broadcast Monday to Friday between 4.00p.m. and 7.00p.m.

The full interview follows. If you had to change your name (and surname) what would you change it to?  

Rene:  I’m happy with my name so I would not change it. Besides, my name is also my brand What animal do you relate most to? 

Rene: Shark, because to live in today’s world you need to act and love like a shark. What’s your favourite colour?

Rene:  Blue as it is the colour of the outdoors Share with us a famous quote that has inspired you?

Rene:  Is that all you’ve got, I don’t say why me, I say try me … when I’m going through a rough time these are the words I say to myself What is your greatest fear?

Rene: I’m scared of cockroaches because they give me the creeps What song irritates you most? 

Rene: Anything that comes out of Justin Bieber’s mouth. I cannot stand him and his attitude Name one object you can’t live without?

Rene: My camera, because it is everything in my life.  It is my source of income and also my way of expressing myself What would you choose: a career you love or a big sum of money?

Rene:  I did choose my carrier over anything. Money is the source of all evil, the more money one has the more problems Why 103? 

Rene: This is Malta’s heart, so where else 🙂