Watch: Top level meeting at Girgenti ends around lunchtime

Updated 04:11 PM

13:00 the topl evel meeting held at the Girgenti residence is over. Ministerial cars sped out of the gated residence and no comments were given. Muscat sped out at 13:03h.

Speculation is rife as an urgent meeting of ministers and parliamentary secretaries has been called Sunday morning. The meeting is taking place at the Palace of Girgenti which is the official summer residence of the Prime Minister. The media is camed outside and the previously announced mass activity which was to be held in Fgura, originally Zejtun, was cancelled

Former minister Konrad Mizzi too has been called in spite of the fact that he resigned just a few days ago. MEP Miram Dalli, who many consider to be a major frontrunner, eventually, in a leadership race, too is there. Dalli comes to Malta for the weekend from Brussels so it cannot be excluded tha the timing of the meeting was fortuitous.

Other ministers whom our journalists saw entering included the highly critical but essentially frozen Evarist Bartolo, Jose Herrera who commented to that decisions will have to be taken about under whose watch things happened, Edward Scicluna, currently under investigation for his part in the hospitals deal, Manwel Mallia who declared he had €500,000 at home and who had been removed from Cabinet last year when his driver had fired shots at another driver for hitting the minister’s car, and Carmelo Abela