Together for Caritas with the BOV Cashlink Cards

Bank of Valletta launched a new Cards for Charity campaign to further support the refurbishment of Caritas Malta’s male quarters at the San Blas Therapeutic Community Centre.

During the month of April, Bank of Valletta will be making a monetary donation each and every time customers effect a purchase using any one of their BOV Cashlink cards. Customers and retailers will not incur any additional charges.

The BOV Cards for Charity will contribute towards the ambitious project undertaken by Bank of Valletta and ‘The Marigold Foundation – BOV in the Community’, in refurbishing Caritas Malta’s male quarters.

Charles Azzopardi, PR & Marketing Executive, said that “the aim of the campaign is to involve our customers in the refurbishment project of the male quarters at the San Blas Therapeutic Community Centre of Caritas Malta. Through the Cards for Charity campaign, our customers will be another pillar of support, together with our directors, executives, staff and Marigold Foundation. Together we can truly help shape the future of the San Blas residents.”

Franco Xuereb, Executive at the Electronic Banking Unit at BOV, spoke about the Cashlink card suite, mainly the newly rebranded CashlinkMALTA. Mr Xuereb said that with CashlinkMALTA in their pockets, BOV customers have easy access to their money on a 24-hour basis without incurring any charges. “CashlinkMALTA, together with the other Cashlink cards, forms part of the most popular card suite amongst BOV cardholders.”

For more information one may visit any BOV Branch, contact the Bank’s Customer Service Centre on or log on to their website.