Today’s record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases is not acceptable – CSN

"Our nation’s safety and health is paramount"

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Following today’s record-breaking number of new Covid-19 positive cases, the anti-corruption NGO, Civil Society Network stated that the current situation is not acceptable and that the citizen’s health and safety are being seriously compromised.

For this reason in a statement issued on Wednesday, immediately after, the government announced the new COVID-19 cases, CSN appealed for the government response to public demand for better performance in the face of rising cases.

It has also appealed for the reinstatement of the daily televised updates to the general public by the Superintendent of Public Health Prof Charmaine Gauci.

CSN said it is of the opinion that the lack of timely, accurate information is allowing the general public to relax their infection restrictive measures, adopting a laissez-faire attitude to the pandemic, resulting in a dramatic increase of new Covid-19 positive cases.

Another appeal is that the police should start disbanding groups of people and issue fines for those not complying with social distancing regulations.

The Civil Society Network has also appealed for “Mandatory swabbing for all arrivals into Malta whether by air or by sea, the publication of the effected workplaces so that all clients can go and get swabbed and mandatory temperature checking in all public places, as well as private places that are open to the public.”

In its statement the NGO explained that it is also listening to the concerns by the educators who are anxious about their risk of infection and transmission in the classrooms.

Thus, CSN is suggesting that student attendance should be on alternate weeks only, thereby splitting classes by half and that all handwritten work is to be submitted for correction in an electronic manner to avoid touching potentially infected work.

It was also noted how this will entail the reduction to the syllabus, as the current syllabus is not feasible with restrictive measures.

“In an emergency situation, CSN is of the opinion that it is better if children’s education is slowed down to keep pace with the current emergency, rather than stopped completely. Children should be given time to catch up on their studies once this pandemic is over,” stated the NGO.