Today’s newspaper review

Good morning

These are today’s newspaper front page stories.

The Times reveals that a tourist boat left Sliema on Thursday afternoon to pick up migrants rescued in Maltese waters. The Captain Morgan boat will initially take 57 people aboard and will be moored 13 nautical miles off the coast as the country’s ports remain closed..

The Independent publishes an interview with Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin CEO Josef Vella who said that statistics for March do not indicate any crisis situation but warned that it is too early to speak of a post-Covid phase.

L-Orizzont quotes General Workers Union secretary general Josef Bugeja who said that the ongoing emergency demonstrates how important it is for workers to be part of a trade union. The GWU is marking International Workers’ Day.

In-Nazzjon follows the vote in parliament on a motion to cancel the Steward Healthcare deal which was blocked after the government side voted against it. Opposition Leader Adrian Delia vowed to take the case before the Courts.

The Times quotes Prime Minister Robert Abela who said that the government is in talks with Steward Healthcare about the hospitals agreement. Speaking in the House, he said that the options are to keep the contract as is, revoke it or amend it. 

The Independent reports on the debate in parliament about the Steward agreement. Robert Abela criticised the Opposition for filing the motion at a time of crisis but Adrian Delia that the US company is not honouring its commitments.  

L-Orizzont speaks to General Workers Union president Victor Carachi who said he is certain that, once the Covid-19 emergency abates, the country’s economy will recover. He also talks about the situation inLibya and insists that a solution is crucial for the war-torn country.