Today’s front page stories review

These are the main stories featured in today’s Malta’s newspapers front-pages.

The Malta Business Weekly quotes a report by which shows that Maltese people on average own more wealth than citizens in bigger economies such as Germany and the US.

Business Today reports that an agreement has been reached at the Malta Freeport to inspect all incoming ship crews. Port workers this week refused to board vessels and handle cargo arriving from Italy following coronavirus reports in the country.

The Independent says that the Culture Ministry and the Health Ministry are working closely to manage Covid-19 concerns at scheduled mass events. A spokesperson for the Culture Ministry said that health authorities are providing updates on developments.

The Times says that major supermarkets in Malta reported double the average in sales on Tuesday after customers were gripped by panic buying over coronavirus fears. Some supermarkets saw sales jump by as much as four times the regular rate.

In-Nazzjon says that Finance Minister Edward Scicluna failed to answer to reports that former VGH CEO Ram Tumuluri awarded himself a €5 million bonus. Speaking in parliament, Scicluna insisted that the Finance Ministry was not involved in the procurement negotiations.

L-Orizzont covers a meeting between Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Malta Gay Rights Movement. Abela said that the ‘liberal agenda’ of the government will continue and that discrimination will continue to be fought at every level.

The Malta Business Weekly says that the Financial Services Authority published a document to answer questions about security token offerings. The release concludes a long process of consultation and feedback that started in July 2019.

In-Nazzjon quotes the president of the Midwives and Nurses Union, Paul Pace, who said that there are “only 14 beds” available across Malta and Gozo in the event of a coronavirus outbreak. Pace slammed insufficient preparations by health authorities.

The Times reports that Michelin Guide awarded its first stars to Maltese restaurants, adding the country to a list of 32 covered by the cuisine rating system. Restaurants Noni and Under Grain in Valletta, and de Mondion in Mdina earned their stars.

L-Orizzont quotes a European Commission report which places the population in Malta among those with the highest life expectancy rates in the EU. The report notes however, that obesity rates are also higher than average in Malta.

The Independent speaks to academic and former police inspector Mary Muscat who said that the Malta Police Force first needs to build ‘organisational justice’ before it can regain the trust of the public.

L-Orizzont says that events planned by the PN to commemorate the political career of former party leader Simon Busuttil were abandoned on the request of Busuttil himself. The paper says that the party was preparing a series of fundraising efforts in relation to the event.

Business Today announces the death of former Bank of Valletta CEO Mario Mallia, aged 59, after surgery complications at Mater Dei. Malia left the top job at BOV in December when he was replaced by former Northern Rock executive Rick Hunkin.

The Malta Business Weekly reports that global shares continue to fall for the fifth consecutive day amid growing coronavirus fears. Markets around the world nosedived as big companies warn of potential significant losses.