Today’s Front-page stories Newspaper Review

Today’s newspapers are dominated with the tragedy which took place in Hamrun on Monday, which saw the death of Miriam Pace.

The Times
 leads with the caving in of a house in Ħamrun on Monday afternoon, trapping Maria Assunta Pace under the rubble who was eventually found dead by rescuers. The accident is believed to have been caused by construction works adjacent to the house.

The Independent speaks to neighbours living in the area around the collapsed house in Ħamrun on Monday. They compared the loud noise of the falling house to an earthquake or explosion, describing a thick column of dust rising from the site.

In-Nazzjon reports the crumbling of the private house in Ħamrun and identifies the victim as a 55-year-old mother of two known to friends and family as Miriam Pace. The paper says that her husband Carmel was at work when he received the tragic news.

L-Orizzont covers a meeting between Prime Minister Robert Abela and Magħtab farmers at Castille. The farmers are objecting to expropriation plans to expand the WasteServ facility in the area onto agricultural land.

The Independent carries an interview with a sex worker who is advocating for decimalisation of sex work, arguing that it offers the safest conditions allowing workers to screen and refuse clients and to move into other types of work.

The Times reports that the Planning Authority has approved an application to build a ferry jetty in St Julian’s. Residents and NGO’s have been heavily objecting to the project which is now subject to an operational permit by the Environmental and Resources Authority.