“To be free from the fear of sin we must confide in God” – Bishop Teuma

As we celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception on the 8th of December, we celebrate the belief in sinless life of the Holy Mary, free from any sin since her conception, said Gozo Bishop Anton Teuma during his homily on Tuesday.

During the mass at the Qala Parish Church, Bishop Teuma, granted the Ministry of Acolyte to seminarist Gabriel Vella.

Photo: Gozo Diocese / CVC Media

In his homily, Bishop Teuma explained what sin means and how a person feels after committing a sin and how it changes the person.

“When we sin we undress our own dignity, our identity. We usually do this unconsciously because a person would not bear the guilt. When we sin we feel a sense of guilt that we hide but it will forever remain there in our hearts and the more we sin the more we bury our feelings and the effect is felt less, ” explained the Gozo Bishop.

But what does happen to us when we hide our true self? When we hide we wear a mask, but what happens to us? What happens it that we are no longer ourselves, stated Bishop Teuma who also said that we must always be ready to overcome all this if we confide in God as this would set us free from fear.

“A sin strips us from our dignity, we become poor, it generates fear and we end us covering who we really are. These are the qualities of a sin,” said the Bishop.

During his homily he also referred to Gabriel Vella, saying that the meaning of the feast of the Immaculate Conception should be reflected in himself and his work as it is a continuous process of obedience towards the word of God.