TM restores its vehicles and driving licences computerised systems

Transport Malta has informed the public that the computerised systems pertaining to vehicles and driving licences are now restored. As from Friday morning, the Authority opened its offices at A3 Towers in Paola and customers may once again come and process their transactions related to the registration, change of ownership of vehicles or any transaction related to driving licences.

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Unit (DVLU) office at Ħal Lija will remain closed until further notice but customers may still deposit their transactions at Ħal Lija and collect them the day after. This service is processed on the day at Paola offices.

All services at Transport Malta’s office in Gozo have remained functional and all clients are being catered for accordingly.

Transport Malta has also informed the public that all transactions deposited this week at Paola and Ħal Lija will be processed during the weekend and customers may come and collect their transactions either from Paola or from Ħal Lija offices, on Monday.