“Time to hold afternoon sessions to tackle backlog” – Zammit Lewis

Miguela Xuereb

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis gave an overview of the situation in the law courts when concluding the estimates debate on his ministry.

He said that government is ready to embark on  a strategy to tackle the problem of court delays and the backlog of cases.

He praised the Chief Justice who he said, was ‘rising to the challenge’.

He questioned the current work practices where all court sittings start at 9am and are held between Monday and Thursday.  “Is it time to start holding afternoon sessions to clear the backlog,” he asked.

Soon after, the Minister was challenged by Labour MP Emmanuel Mallia. Mallia said that judges not only decide cases but need time to write sentences. “I do not want to finish at the receiving end of a haphazard sentence,” he added.