Time for a Brainstorm – ceramics and oils exhibition

Anthony Lucian Cauchi was born in Qormi in 1948. He started drawing classes at the Valetta School of Art under the tutorship of Esprit Barthet and Harry Alden and was introduced to ceramics by the creator of the Independence National Monument in Floriana, Gianni Bonnici.

Mr Cauchi is keen on working in both painting and sculpture. In oil painting, most of his works are pure interpretations of life around him and also clarifications of dreams regarding historical events.  However, in sculpture, he is influenced by history, philosophy, mythology, Gothic legends, biographies, rock music and current affairs.

He has exhibited works in many parts of Malta, London, Como, Rome and Helsinki.

Mr Cauchi believes that his understandings of all these intellectual readings can be sculptures or painted in many different mediums. The viewer can look and interpret himself any work he sees in any of his shows.

As Picasso used to say,” Everything you can imagine is real”.

Brainstorm will take place at De Piro Palace, Mdina from the 5th to the 28th October 2018.