“Tikxifnix u ngħinek” – Keith to Yorgen

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

What will happen to the request for state’s evidence which Yorgen Fenech requested?

As Newsbook.com.mt had reported, Yorgen Fenech first named Keith Schembri on Monday as news of the government pardon given to Melvin Theuma hit the headlines. Informed sources told Newsbook.com.mt that Yorgen Fenech told the police that Keith Schembri sent him a message telling him that “I’ll help you if you keep me out of it” (“Tikxifnix u ngħinek”). Alas, Fenech decided to out the corrupt dealings related to Electrogas and even the windfarms which Enemalta has built in Montenegro. Fenech spoke up also about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Corruption in Electrogas deal

Yorgen Fenech gave the police information on what he described as corruption by Keith Schembri in the Electrogas case. The project had been given to a consortium composed of Siemens GmbH and GEM Holdings. The latter was made up of Tumas Energy Ltd(30%) Gasan Group(30%) CP Holding (30%) and New Energy Supply (10%). Yorgen Fenech was the sole owner of New Energy Supply.

Yorgen Fenech also alleged corruption by Keith Schembri in the wind farms project which was built in Montenegro, in which Enemalta was also involved. In December 2018, the then Minister for Energy Joe Mizzi had said that this project shows the commitment which government has in the energy sector. This project has an investment value of €90.

Perhaps the worst revelation which Yorgen Fenech made to the police was the involvement which Keith Schembri purportedly had in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It transpires that several persons knew of this case beforehand or had put money in the kitty to fund the assassination.

What will happen to Fenech’s request for state’s evidence?

According to the law, the government is the body which will decide who will be given the facility to turn state’s evidence. It is the government’s prerogative of who gets the so-called presidential pardon. The government may give its recommendation to the President, but ultimately the President cannot abandon such recommendation from the government.

Some days ago, the Prime Minister told the media that his Cabinet delegated to him the power to present the recommendation for pardon to be issued by the President.

Legal experts who spoke to Newsbook.com.mt said that this creates a great legal problem. Whichever actions the Prime Minister may take, there are several questions being raised.

If the Prime Minister does not give the recommendation to grant the pardon to Yorgen Fenech, one could ask: could this be because he is trying to protect those close to him and his Government?

The Prime Minister has defended Keith Schembri over and over, going as far as describing him as “a man of integrity” who would not use his public role to make a personal profit.

Therefore, one could assume that Muscat stands to benefit if the pardon to 17 Black owner Yorgen Fenech is not granted. If this happens, the justice system would have failed us all once again.

The same sources explained that if the Prime Minister did the right thing years ago and let the rule of law operate freely, then Malta would not be in the dire situation it is today, legally, politically and constitutionally.