Update 2: AFM disembarks 8 migrants in Malta

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Armed Forces of Malta have confirmed that eight migrants have been medically evacuated from the OPEN ARMS vessel and brought to Malta.

The migrants were disembarked at AFM’s base at Hay Wharf by the patrol vessel P21.

Those medically evacuated are two women and their families. They had been rescued and accommodated aboard the MV Open Arms together with their relatives.

On 1st August, the crew on board the Spanish vessel, Open Arms saved a group of 124 individuals, amongst which nine-month-old twins, from on board a small boat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. On the night between Friday and Saturday, with the assistance of the armed Forces of Malta, Open Arms also took on board another 39 persons that were stranded at sea.

An Open Arms spokesperson told Newsbook.com.mt that medical evacuation for three individuals had been requested. After conferring with their Italian counterparts, the Maltese authorities have sanctioned the move and accepted the two women who will be accompanied by their families. A man has already been transferred to Italy for medical assistance.

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