Three grace months to complete the VRT

Transport Malta said that following the announcement that VRT stations will be allowed to reopen by Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci, new procedural guidelines for those looking to get their vehicle tested. 

TM said anyone whose vehicle license expires after March and April of this year, will now be allowed to get their vehicle verified.  

A three-month period has been allowed by TM, in an effort to avoid overloading the system and crowding. 

“Transport Malta is allowing a period of 3 months for the test to be carried out and the road license to be paid after that with an Insurance agent,” a statement read. 

The three-month period commences on Monday 4 March and ends on 31 July. 

No vehicle with an expired license will be allowed on roads after the 1 August. 

TM also said vehicles for the test must have both the exterior and the interior cleaned. 

“The person in charge of the test reserves the right to refuse testing if the vehicle does not reach the required level of cleanliness,” Transport Malta said.