Those dealing with children should be trained in crisis management

Dr Mark Xuereb said that every individual who is actively involved in child development should be trained in crisis management. This ensures that they know what to do should they find out that the children they are taking care of are having suicidal thoughts.

Dr Xuereb is the crisis consultant and head of Crisis Resolution Malta. He spoke to about the importance of knowing how to act when someone close to them is having suicidal thoughts.

He insisted that lawyers, schools, spiritual directors, catechists, scouts, band club members, employees and managers and other entities of the sort should receive such training. He insisted that the training should be systematic, based on research and ultimately beneficial to the country.

Dr Xuereb explained that a national strategy against suicide prioritising prevention needs to be implemented. In 2015 he made a proposal to the government so that all entities concerned meet up with the aim of setting up a strategy.

He claimed that Crisis Resolution Malta receives 18 phone calls and 7 emails or messages on Facebook every week from people who are tired of living or are seeking help from those close to them.

To, Dr Xuereb explained that he heads the only team in Malta that offers crisis resolution 24 hours a day.

You can contact the team by calling 99339966 or sending an e-mail to He explained that these are tools to raise awareness about mental health, and to do away with stigma.

Crisis Resolution Malta also has a Facebook page.

The team of volunteers which answer the phone are all professionals, and the consultation service is free.

If you are in a time of crisis, and or having suicidal thoughts, don’t hesitate to call Crisis Resolution Malta on 99339966. A professional will immediately pick up, 24 hours a day.